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In this website you will learn, play, and have fun with your favorite Beanie Boos! We have a photo album, an activity page, and a Q&A page! I hope you and your Beanie Boos enjoy this website!

Small Strokes


Image by Jon Tyson

Save the Date
Beanie Boo, Puffie, Squish-A-Boo, and Teeny Ty Birthdays

1st- Cheer
2nd- Hazel (puffie), Nordic (Beanie Bellie)
3rd- N/A
4th- Rosie
5th- N/A
6th- Tabor (Puffie), Maggie, Tabor (Beanie Bellie)
7th- N/A
8th- Dreamer, Pippa
9th- Melty, Gia, Glitter
10th- Loy, Rainbow, Wishful, Rainbow (Puffie)
11th- ZuZu, Gnorbie (Puffie)
12th- Freedom,Pegasus, Chipper (Flippable and Squish- A-Boo)
13th- Winks (Squish-A-Boo), Blueberry, Creeper, Henna, Mask, Pipper, Reagan
14th- Lollipop, Trixie
15th- Aria
16th- Beaks
17th- Freeze, Gobbler
18th- Leona, Patty
19th- Checks (flippable), Speckles, Checks (Teeny Ty + Flippable), Orville (Teeny Ty)
20th- Kinley, Skylar, Cara (Teeny Ty)
21th- Ferris (Teeny Ty), Mimi (Teeny Ty)
22nd- Gobbles (2010 version), Thankful
24th- N/A
25th- Cleo (Puffie), Penelope, Tagerine
26th- Stompy (Flippable)
27th- Sydney
28th- Benedict, Gobbles (2013 Version)
29th- Sparkles
30th- Rowan, Zuri

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