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Beanie Boo World!

Learn, discover, and have fun with your favorite plush Beanie Boos!

Pink Sugar

A Little About This Website!

In this website you will learn, play, and have fun with your favorite Beanie Boos! We have a photo album, an activity page, a Q&A page, and even a shopping guide page! I hope you and your Beanie Boos enjoy this website!

Small Strokes


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Beanie Boo Birthdays!

Our problems are fixing up! These are bdays from May!

1st-Speckles, Slick
2nd- Spirit (Cat)
3rd- Lucy, Squeakers
4th- ?
5th- Glamour
6th- Zippy
7th- Cuddly
8th- Fanastia
9th- Patsey
10th- Dixie
11th- Twinkle, Waddles, Isla
12th- Avril
13th- ?
14th- Skylar
16th- Tamoo
17th- Lindi
18th- Sandy, Neptune
19- Rebel
20th- Duke
21th- Lala
22nd- ?
23rd- ?
24th- ?
25th- Pokey, Fluffy, Myrtle, Darla
26th- Pixy
27th- ?
28th- ?
29th- ?
30th- Austin (Dog)
31st- ?

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