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Our Faves:
Beanie Boo Quiz

How to draw Heather

How to Make Gracie the Swan!

Thank you Nicole H. for helping with this origami swan!
Also for the paper I used regular printer paper, question from Gustavo Espejo

How to Draw Rainbow the Poodle!

How to Draw Heather the Unicorn Cat!

How to Draw Fantasia the Beanie Boo Puffie!

How to Draw Radar the Bat

How to 
Draw Pixy

How well do you know your Beanie Boos? 
Take this quiz to find out! >

Go on a Beanie Boo World scavenger hunt!

Can you find: 

  • At least 3 birthdays for the month

  • The Beanie Boo Noel

  • The Beanie Boo Fuzzy

  • The Beanie Boo Sydney

  • A gingerbread man (Look on Gallery)

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