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Beanie Boo Quiz

1. This is a Beanie Boo puppy that LOVES Christmas. He even wears a Santa hat! Who is he?

a) Chimney

b) Howlidays

c) Cheer  

4. Which Beanie Boo's birthday is on August 11th?

a) Spirit

b) Snowfall

c) Cassidy

2. Who is the Beanie Boo of the month?

a) Noel

b) Cheer

c) Waddles

3. Who is this Beanie Boo based on the poem?

Through wind or sleet or rain or snow
I’ll take you where you want to go!

a) Waddles


c) Slush

 5. Can you guess the Beanie Boo?

  • My birthday is on August 11th.

  • I am a light purple cat.

  • I have a white belly!

Based on the clue above, is it...

a) Violet

b) Pellie

c) Cassidy

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