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Silent Speaker

Updated: Dec 24, 2022


Slippers (left): Have you taken the Beanie Boo Quiz yet? It's hard.

Fuzzy(right): silent

Slippers: Did you?!?

Fuzzy: You talking to me?

Slippers: Who else would I be talking to?

Fuzzy: Yourself.

Slippers: Who in the Beanie Boo World talks to themselves?

Fuzzy: You talk to yourself literally every second of your life! Anyway, what did you want to tell me?

Slippers: Did you take the quiz yet?

Fuzzy: silent

Slippers: I know you heard me, Fuzzy.

Fuzzy: What?

Slippers: Never mind.

Fuzzy: Hey, do you want to check out the new Beanie Boo quiz? I don't remember where, but I think I heard it was hard!

Slippers: *sigh*

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