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Rock and Roll Fiasco!

Livvie (top)- Let's rock and roll!

Violet (right)- No way! Your lucky I'm even here! Let's have a tea party or something.

Livvie- I'm not going to some fancy ridiculous tea party for toddlers. Drums are for big kids like us.

Violet (right)- Maybe we should get our nails done at the spa.

Livvie- Ugh.. Who needs there nails painted in the winter anyway! We just put on mittens and shoes and then no one sees them! (starts to play drums loudly)

Violet- Ahhhh!! To loud! Livvie, stop!!

Livvie- (yells) No can do. I'm just trying to have fun.

Tasha (left)- Livvie and Violet! Cut it out!!

Violet and Livvie- Fine!

Tasha- Let's do something we all like.

Violet- Like watch the World Cup?

Livvie- Hey! I like the World Cup too!

Tasha- Well let's grab the remote!

Violet and Livvie- Thanks Tasha!

Tasha- Your welcome!

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